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Worktuit is a one stop resource for career counseling and advice. Through our action oriented online courses, you will soon be on your way to career greatness!

Career Discovery & Development

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Academy Resources

Online Courses

Currently we are planning to launch 50+ online courses that will lead you step by step towards a career you will thrive in.

Career Plans

Every resource within the Worktuit Academy will help you to create and implement a powerful career plan that leads to career greatness.


Every online course within the Worktuit Academy comes with worksheets to help you apply what you've learned and continue to develop.


You will receive templates that include career plans, goal sheets, resumes, interview preparation guides, and offer/salary negotiations.​

Action Guides

Every online course within the Worktuit Academy comes with action guides to help you set into motion what you learned.


As a part of the Worktuit Academy, you will receive guidance on how to find and leverage a mentor and maintain this relationship for years.

Who Is The Academy For?


High school and college students that are ready to discover, prepare and plan for a rewarding and fulfilling career. 

Early Career

Anyone that is new to their career and in need of further career discovery and development. 


Anyone that is seeing no movement in their career and are ready to finally achieve career satisfaction.

Career Do-Over

Those that are in need of a career overhaul and willing to alter their career path towards the career they’re meant for. 

Career Re-Start

Anyone that took a career hiatus and are ready to return to work and are seeking advice on re-entering a career. 

Career Shift

Individuals that are looking to make a career shift like starting their own business or changing industries. 

The 5 Steps To Career Greatness

Mindset Image


Foundational to all of our teaching and advice are 10 career mindsets that you must adopt in order to start seeing positive change. These mindsets are what sets you on the right path to begin with towards career greatness.


It’s critical that you’re able to be who you naturally are in a career in order for you to thrive. You have natural talents, a natural temperament and personal values that make up who you are. Here you’ll discover your authentic self so that you can match the right career to it.



What’s your “it”? Your “it” is the career you’re meant for. We all have a purpose for a career, you just need to reveal what it is. Now that you know who you are, you can start piecing the puzzle together together to discover what “it” is you’re mean to do.


Once you know what your “it” is, you must develop a plan to achieve “it”. Without a plan, you’ll go nowhere. You will develop a comprehensive career plan that will set goals and timelines for your to achieve your version of career greatness.

5. WORK TO "IT"!

To achieve career greatness will take a lot of effort on your part. You must be a self-starter to see results from Worktuit’s career counseling. If you don’t put in the work and actively set your career plan in motion, you’ll go nowhere.


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